Adventure and Fun Awaits at Houstonopoly!

Summer has come, which means Houston is abuzz with all the best exhibits and attractions, especially for those looking for a bit of fun and action for themselves and their families.

First up this year is the exciting Houstonopoly exhibit! What is Houstonopoly? It’s basically a life-size game board dedicated to the sights and sounds of Houston, acting as a kid-friendly summer pop-up for everyone to enjoy. Running at 10,000 square feet, this great attraction allows visitors to become real-life game pieces, moving from space to space with more than 13 stops for excellent photo opportunities. 

Each Houstonopoly stop commemorates Houston’s most iconic imagery, from Houston’s best music artists to landmarks, and more! Visitors can collect Houstonopoly money, pass go, and roll the dice to help them navigate across the board, ensuring a fun-filled experience that you won’t forget! And if you’re just there to explore, there will be tons of other excellent activities including face painting at the Discovery Green stop and opportunities to raise funds to purchase backpacks and school supplies for local HISD students. 

All in all, the Houstonopoly exhibit is just a great opportunity for friends and family alike to come together to celebrate Houston and all its imagery. And why not? Houston is home to some of the very best places to visit, eat, and explore in the state! And with extremely affordable living at many of the local residences, what’s not to love? If you’re a resident living over at great places like Barcelona, Bayou Park, Providence at Heights, and Shadow Creek, you’ll definitely love getting the chance to visit this great event, along with easy commutes over. 

The good news is that the Houstonopoly event will be running from the beginning of June all the way to the end of July--leaving plenty of time to stop by for a visit! I definitely recommend this experience, especially if you’re feeling particularly patriotic about your city! Houston has been my home for years and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to see what Houstonopoly has to offer! For additional information about this great event, you can visit their main website at this handy link I’m providing HERE

Roll the dice and see where you land at Houstonopoly today!


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Jun 2